COP17: Things and Stuff

The Durban Exhibition Stand

Mphalangatsha: The Drylands Fund Ambassador

COP delegates doing a McDonalds run!! Maybe this is why they can't seem to come to an agreement...

The Cape Town Exhibition: made out of milk crates as a recyclable green building. Not sure about the cost or viability of using such a building as an alternative. True solutions need to be viable and workable and usable in the real world. A bit greenwashy, but a good attempt!

SANBI's: Living Beehive!

COP 17 Baobab On the Durban Beachfront

Importance of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

School children learning about climate change.

Happiness at the WWF stand

The Inside of the Joule

The Joule: South Africa's Very Own Green Car!

Recycled Light Fixture with Cool Pink Piggies!

Living Beehive

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